August 11th @ The Garden (Winona Lake, IN)

August 12th @ Polish Falcon (Milwaukee, WI)

August 13th @ Mickey's Tavern (Madison, WI)

August 19th @ Cactus Club (Milwaukee, WI)

August 25th @ Seward's Cafe (Minneapolis, MN)


July 1st @ The Mutiny (Chicago, IL)

July 2nd @ Shakespeare's (Kalamazoo, MI)

July 3rd @ Mahall's (Cleveland, OH)

July 4th @ Bossy Grrl (Columbus, OH)

July 6th @ Nach Bar (Louisville, KY)

July 7th @ Planet Zero (Fort Smith, AR)

July 8th @ Unkempt Beaver (Oklahoma City, OK)

July 9th @ Kirby's Beer Store (Wichita, KS)

July 21st @ Reptile Palace (Oshkosh, WI)

July 22nd @ Basement Show (Stevens Point, WI)


June 10th @ Art-In (Madison, WI)

June 11th @ Locust St Festival (Milwaukee, WI)

June 12th @ Turkey Lounge (Milwaukee, WI)

June 16th @ The Rash (Eau Claire, WI)

June 17th @ Lakefront Festival of Art (Milwaukee, WI)

June 22nd @ Der Rath (Madison, WI)


May 12th @ Point Area Bicycle Service (Stevens Point, WI)

May 13th @ Palmer's (Minneapolis, MN)

May 19th @ 88Nine Radio Milwaukee (Milwaukee, WI)

May 20th @ Gloss Weekend - Jazz Gallery (Milwaukee, WI)


April 1st @ Turner Hall (Milwaukee, WI)

April 21st @ JR House (Grand Rapids, MI)

April 22nd @ StoopFest (Lansing, MI)

April 28th @ Arte Para Todos Festival (Milwaukee, WI)

April 29th @ Bucket Feet (Chicago, IL) 


March 11th @ Riverwest Public House (Milwaukee, WI)

March 15th @ Sinkhole (St. Louis, MO)

March 16th @ Resonator (Norman, OK)

March 17th @ Fly By Butterfly SXSW Showcase (Austin, TX)

March 19th @ Planet Zero (Fort Smith, AR)

March 20th @ Octohaus (Wichita, KS)

March 21st @ Yacht Club (Iowa City, IA)


February 9th @ Point Area Bicycle Service (Stevens Point, WI)

February 10th @ The Cabin (Minneapolis, MN)

February 11th @ The Bando (Madison, WI) 

january 2017.

January 16th @ Cactus Club (Milwaukee, WI)

January 28th @ Louie's Trophy House (Kalamazoo, MI)


December 1st @ 88Nine Radio Milwaukee Music Awards (Milwaukee, WI)

December 2nd @ Majestic Theatre (Madison, WI)


November 13th @ The Turkey Lounge (Milwaukee, WI)

November 19th @ High Dive (Milwaukee, WI)


October 5th @ The Turkey Lounge (Milwaukee, WI)

October 28th @ Cactus Club (Milwaukee, WI)


September 1st @ The Frequency (Madison, WI)

September 2nd @ Amsterdam Bar (St Paul, MN)

September 3rd @ Gasoline (Green Bay, WI)

September 16th @ Music House (Beloit, WI)


August 4th @ Mile of Music (Appleton, WI)

August 5th @ Mile of Music (Appleton, WI)

August 12th @ Veggiehouse (Stevens Point, WI)

August 13th @ The Miramar Theatre (Milwaukee, WI)

August 16th @ Schubas (Chicago, IL)

August 17th @ Milhouse (Kalamazoo, MI)

August 18th @ Beachland Tavern (Cleveland, OH)

August 20th @ Black Forge Coffee (Pittsburgh, PA)

August 21st @ 10th Ave Burrito (Belmar, NJ)

August 22nd @ Cake Shop (New York, NY)

August 23rd @ TicTak - Sofar Sounds Session (New York, NY)

August 24th @ Lizard Lounge (Lancaster, PA)

August 25th @ Double Happiness (Columbus, OH)

August 26th @ Be Here Now (Muncie, IN)

August 27th @ The Garden (Winona Lake, IN)

August 29th @ MOTR Pub (Cincinnati, OH)


July 1st @ The Source (Menasha, WI)

July 2nd @ Vista King Cruise Line (Milwaukee, WI)

July 8th @ UW Terrace (Madison, WI)

July 12th @ Chill on the Hill (Milwaukee, WI)

July 28th @ 88Nine Radio Milwaukee (Milwaukee, WI)

July 28th @ Boone & Crockett - Planned Parenthood Benefit Show (Milwaukee, WI)


June 12th @ Locust Street Festival (Milwaukee, WI)

June 15th @ River Rhythms (Milwaukee, WI)

June 21st @ Sofar Sounds, house show (Milwaukee, WI)

June 25th @ Summer Soulstice Music Festival (Milwaukee, WI)


May 6th @ Shakespeare's (Kalamazoo, MI)

May 21st @ Hub City Cafe (Minneapolis, MN)

May 26th @ The Frequency (Madison, WI)

May 28th @ Gloss Weekend, Mad Planet (Milwaukee, WI)


April 8th @ The Encore, UWSP (Stevens Point, WI)

April 9th @ Mickey's (Madison, WI)

April 16th @ Blind Bob's (Dayton, OH)

April 17th @ CIMMFest 16, Township (Chicago, IL)

April 21st @ Arte Para Todos, Anodyne (Milwaukee, WI)

April 28th @ Cactus Club (Milwaukee, WI)


March 11th @ Melody Inn (Indianapolis, IN)

March 19th @ Anodyne (Milwaukee, WI)


February 18th @ The Helene Zelazo Center for the Performing Arts, UWM (Milwaukee, WI)

February 19th @ Lyric Room (Green Bay, WI)

February 20th @ The Lift (Dubuque, IA)

january 2016.

January 8th @ Louie's Backroom - ZooThousand 16 Fest (Kalamazoo, MI)

January 10th @ Urban Artifact (Cincinnati, OH)

January 11th @ The House with No Name (Columbus, OH)

January 12th @ People's Warehouse (Pittsburgh, PA)

January 13th @ Archwood United Church (Cleveland, OH)

January 14th @ Rozz Tox (Rock Island, IL)

January 15th @ Turner Hall Ballroom - Local Coverage (Milwaukee, WI)

January 22nd @ Coughy Haus (Beloit, WI)

January 28th @ Be Here Now (Muncie, IN)

January 29th @ LangLab (South Bend, IN)

January 30th @  Township (Chicago, IL)


December 4th @ The Hospital (Stevens Point, WI)


November 1st @ The Greenhouse (Madison, WI)

November 15th @ Lucky Cat (Milwaukee, WI)

November 20th @ Lyric Room (Green Bay, WI)

November 21st @ Majestic Theatre (Madison, WI)


October 11th @ Phantom Fest - Quencher's (Chicago, IL)

October 30th @ Music House (Beloit, WI)

October 31st @ Company Brewing (Milwaukee, WI)


September 4th @ MKE Boat Line (Milwaukee, WI)

September 17th @ Couhy Haus (Beloit, WI)

September 19th @ Green Greens (Minneapolis, MN)

September 25th @ Lawrence University (Appleton, WI)

September 26th @ Guu's (Stevens Point, WI)


August 10th @ Kafe Kerouac (Columbus, OH)

August 11th @ Velvet Lounge (Washington, DC)

August 12th @ MakeSpace (Harrisburg, PA)

August 13th @ The Dopeness (Jersey City, NJ)

August 14th @ Cake Shop (New York, NY)

August 15th @ Shoulder Tap (Brooklyn, NY)

August 18th @ House Show (Cleveland, OH)

August 19th @ Satellite Records (Kalamazoo, MI)

August 20th @ Quenchers Saloon (Chicago, IL)

August 21st @ Riverwest Public House (Milwaukee, WI)

August 27th @ High Noon Saloon (Madison, WI)


July 5th @ Nic's House (Stevens Point, WI)

July 12th @ Mad Planet (Milwaukee, WI)

July 16th @ Turner Hall Ballroom (Milwaukee, WI)


June 1st @ Villa Terrace (Milwaukee, WI)

June 4th @ UW Terrace (Madison, WI)

June 14th @ Locust Street Festival (Milwaukee, WI)

June 19th @ Lyric Room (Green Bay, WI)

June 20th @ Summer Soulstice Festival (Milwaukee, WI)

June 27th @ PBR Burnhearts Street Festival (Milwaukee, WI)


May 26th @ Lion's Den (Milwaukee, WI)

May 29th @ Cactus Club (Milwaukee, WI)


April 10th @ Lyric Room (Green Bay, WI)

April 20th @ Cocoon Room (Milwaukee, WI)

April 22nd @ Tonic Tavern (Milwaukee, WI)


March 7th @ House Show (Milwaukee, WI)

March 8th @ Scarn Manor (Milwaukee, WI)


February 28th @ Riverwest Public House - Arte Para Todos (Milwaukee, WI)

january 2015.

January 3rd @ Heavy Anchor (St. Louis, MO) 

January 4th @ Dope Chapel (Norman, OK)

January 5th @ Mohawk (Austin, TX)

January 6th @ The Castle (Austin, TX)

January 7th @ Gold House (Albuquerque, NM)

January 8th @ The Trunk Space (Phoenix, AZ)

January 9th @ Silverlake Lounge (Los Angeles, CA)

January 12th @ The Space (Salt Lake City, UT)

January 13th @ Lion's Lair (Denver, CO)

January 14th @ Iron Octohouse (Wichita, KS)

January 15th @ Quencher's Saloon (Chicago, IL)

January 22nd @ Linneman's (Milwaukee, WI)


December 5th @ Cactus Club (Milwaukee, WI)

December 13th @ Root Note (La Crosse, WI)

December 28th @ Quarters (Milwaukee, WI)


November 1st @ Linneman's (Milwaukee, WI)

November 8th @ UWSP (Steven's Point, WI)

November 15th @ Mad Planet (Milwaukee, WI)


October 4th @ Der Rathskeller (Madison, WI)

October 10th @ The Woods (Minneapolis, MN)


September 4th @ Borg Ward (Milwaukee, WI)

September 26th @ Quarters (Milwaukee, WI)

September 27th @ Carroll University (Waukesha, WI)

September 30th @ Hotel Foster (Milwaukee, WI)


August 1st @ Urban Island Beach Party (Milwaukee, WI)

August 23rd @ El Sounds Fest (Chicago, IL)

August 27th @ Denim Park (Milwaukee, WI)


July 26th @ Brady Street Fest (Milwaukee, WI)


June 21st @ Summer Solstice on North Ave (Milwaukee, WI)


May 3rd @ Yield (Milwaukee, WI)

May 9th @ Cactus Club (Milwaukee, WI)

May 17th @ Mad Planet (Milwaukee, WI)


April 15th @ Bremen Cafe (Milwaukee, WI)

April 18th @ Hotel Foster (Milwaukee, WI)


March 1st @ East Side Music Tour - Roman Coin Stage (Milwaukee, WI)

March 28th @ Riverwest Public House (Milwaukee, WI)

March 30th @ Frank’s Power Plant (Milwaukee, WI)


February 1st @ Mad Planet (Milwaukee, WI)

February 13th @ Riverwest Public House (Milwaukee, WI)

january 2014.

January 3rd @ Cole’s (Chicago, IL) 

January 9th @ The Empty Bottle (Chicago, IL) 

January 10th @ Cactus Club (Milwaukee, WI) 

January 18th @ Anodyne Roasting Company - Walkers Point (Milwaukee, WI)

January 23rd @ UWM Gasthaus (Milwaukee, WI)


December 7th @ Party Garage (Minneapolis, MN)

December 14th @ Scheme City (Milwaukee, WI)

December 19th @ Yield Bar (Milwaukee, WI)

December 21st @ Mad Planet (Milwaukee, WI)


November 2nd @ Denim Park (Milwaukee, WI)

November 22nd @ The Damsel Den (Madison, WI)

November 27th @ Cafe Lulus (Milwaukee, WI)

November 30th@ The Jazz Gallery (Milwaukee, WI)


October 4th @ International Co-Op House (Madison, WI)

October 5th @ Hotel Foster (Milwaukee, WI)

October 10th @ Up & Under (Milwaukee, WI)

October 14th @ Uptowner (Milwaukee, WI)


September 7th @ Coughy Haus (Beloit, WI)

September 15th @ Borg Ward (Milwaukee, WI)

September 18th @ Denim Park (Milwaukee, WI)

September 21st @ Bay View Bash (Milwaukee, WI)

September 24th @ Quarters (Milwaukee, WI)

September 29th @ Bremen Cafe (Milwaukee, WI)


August 1st @ Cocoon Room (Milwaukee, WI)

August 3rd @ Wise Fools Pub (Chicago, IL)

August 31st @ Exclusive Company (Milwaukee, WI)


July 13th @ Borg Ward (Milwaukee, WI)

July 30th @ Chapter III (Milwaukee, WI)


June 9th @ Dragonfly Lounge (Madison, WI)

June 30th @ Cocoon Room (Milwaukee, WI)

June 30th @ Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good (Milwaukee, WI)


April 6th @ Stanman (Stevens Point, WI)


March 22nd @ Doty House (Madison, WI)

january 2013.

January 2nd @ Milhouse (Kalamazoo, MI)

January 3rd @ PJ’s Lager House (Detroit, MI)

January 4th @ Mahal’s Lanes (Cleveland, OH)

January 5th @ Joey’s (Pittsburgh, PA)

January 7th @ Shrine Harlem (Harlem, NY)

January 8th @ Grape Room (Philadelphia, PA)

January 10th @ Rake’s End (Cincinnati, OH)

January 11th @ Reggie’s Music Joint (Chicago, IL)